The Disco Biscuits have announced that they’re playing their record-release parties for The Wind at Four to Fly in Vermont.

I simply love the way they write their press releases…

The first of such venues to be leveled by the insane energy of a Biscuits’ show will be the new Higher Ground in , Vermont, which will be the site of the Wind at Four to Fly CD Release parties!!! On April 13th, 14th, and 15th, the Biscuits will set up shop for a three night run to kick off Spring Tour, the first of such in three years!!!

They’re gearing up for some more dates down the East Coast culminating in another three-night run (this time in Georgia), then they’re hitting the studio to put together a new album, and then they’re going to travel the nation. Hell yes.

From what I’ve heard of the new (straight from their four-night 2005 run), they’re back in business with Allen Aucion smacking the skins. I’ll get my chance to catch both the Disco Biscuits and the always-excellent next Friday at the in Chicago. Be there.