The Disco Biscuits have announced that they’re playing their record-release parties for The Wind at Four to Fly in Vermont.

I simply love the way they write their press releases…

The first of such venues to be leveled by the insane energy of a Biscuits’ show will be the new Higher Ground in Burlington, Vermont, which will be the site of the Wind at Four to Fly CD Release parties!!! On April 13th, 14th, and 15th, the Biscuits will set up shop for a three night run to kick off Spring Tour, the first of such in three years!!!

They’re gearing up for some more dates down the East Coast culminating in another three-night run (this time in Georgia), then they’re hitting the studio to put together a new Disco Biscuits album, and then they’re going to travel the nation. Hell yes.

From what I’ve heard of the new Disco Biscuits (straight from their four-night NYE2005 run), they’re back in business with Allen Aucion smacking the skins. I’ll get my chance to catch both the Disco Biscuits and the always-excellent moe. next Friday at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Be there.