Disco Biscuits Get Jammy Nomination, Release Nominated Show

photo by headylife

The Disco Biscuits recently got a Jammy Award nomination for their all-instrumental performance as “Tractorbeam” at Lancaster, PA’s Chameleon Club on 6/26/07. As a result, they decided to release a free soundboard recording of the show on the Live Music Archive. Although it’s a bit of a blatant way to drum up some votes, I like it when bands occasionally drop a soundboard for fans to freely download and trade.

Also, considering the Disco Biscuits are not exactly known for their crisp, amazing vocals, I think the Tractorbeam concept was a good one for this band. It allowed them to play around a bit more than normal with familiar songs and themes, a variety of fun teases, and some intense electronic improvisation. This show is solid, with the highlight definitely being an epic “Mr. Don,” explained in depth on the Archive posting for the download

To celebrate the 2008 Jammys nomination for eMusic Download of the Year, we are very excited to release the performance of Tractorbeam from the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA on June 26, 2007. Tractorbeam was conceived as a different concert experience…something more akin to a DJ club set. Tractorbeam plays completely instrumental. The big highlight of the night was a mammoth rendition of Mr. Don. This wasn’t any ordinary version of Mr. Don, but rather one that went back in time. On May 7, 1998, The Biscuits played the Chameleon Club for the first time. They debuted two cover songs that night: The Beatles’ Norwegian Wood and Prince’s 1999. Also that night they played a version of Mr. Don that many fans still consider a benchmark jam that defined a very creative time period for the band. Coming back 9 years later, these songs resurfaced as spontaneous jams in the extended intro of yet another epic Mr. Don. Also of note, Mindless Dribble has a phenomenally psychedelic intro, reminiscent of classic versions of the song. We are pleased to share this live experience with you and hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to vote for the 2008 Jammys at http://www.jammys.com

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