Diplo on Major Lazer Lineup Changes “like John Mayer joining the Grateful Dead”

News broke earlier this week that Major Lazer would be continuing on without one of their key members, Jillionaire, but it was accompanied with a message saying a new era was coming and that Ape Drums would be joining the group of Diplo and Walshy Fire as they all continue forward.

Dancing Astronaut got in touch with Diplo’s people and he had a chance to clarify what was really going on:

“Jillionaire is always part of the team. Ape Drums is helping with production on some tracks (he’s done a few songs with us before) so he is going to tour with us as well…it’s like John Mayer joining the Grateful Dead.

I’m a sucker for a good quote like that.

The Grateful Dead has had a series of lineup changes over the years and nobody would have ever predicted John Mayer joining up with them initially (until they all jammed together and showed their chemistry), so it’s clear that Diplo means that he’s got a merry band of pranksters following him in service of his almighty character, Major Lazer, and he’s going to mix the lineup up every now and again. I’m good with that.

As long as he continues to mix 50+ samples of someone saying “Major Lazer” into the set like they always have, I’m still good with that, too.

And that maybe there wasn’t really a breakup or any bad blood, just a change of Jerry tone so to speak.

Dead & Company are currently on tour and Diplo is always doing something in Vegas if you want to catch either of these acts out there now.