Diplo Drops “Express Yourself” ft. Nicky Da B, Plays Buku Music Project Saturday

will perform at The Buku Music & Arts Project on Saturday, March 17th, 2012 at Mardi Gras World

Just in time for this weekend’s appearance at The Buku Music & Arts Project, Philly-based super producer Diplo has released “Express Yourself”, a bounce-heavy track featuring on vocals and a glitchy accompanying music video with your basic raw visuals (profuse azz shaking) found in most quality bounce videos. “Express Yourself” marks Diplo’s maiden sonic voyage into exploring the aggressive, fast-paced beats and booty-popping sound of New Orleans Bounce. The single also marks the first collaboration between Diplo and Nicky Da B, the newest star of the Bounce scene and protégé of genre impresarios and Katey Red. The “Express Yourself” EP can be purchased here. NSFW in some places, standard fare for the whole office and family to enjoy here in New Orleans. Shake it.

Diplo (ft. Nicky Da B) - "Express Yourself" (Official Music Video)