Devon Allman of the Allman Betts Band has announced a mini “tour” this week from inside his house. Allman dropped the news and said he’ll be mixing up the themes from show to show to keep it special and unique, so don’t just tune in once.

“One night will be cover songs, one night originals, one night Q&A live, one night special guests, one night request hour, etc” said Allman.

He’s got some sponsors along for the ride as well, including Gibson Guitars, Earthworks Audio and Meyer Sound Lab with special giveaways throughout the tour. And they’re saying everything is going to be professional produced and mixed professionally, so that’s something to see for sure. Kudos to the team for putting these together so quick.

The shows will be LIVE on the Devon Allman Facebook Page and then reposted the next day to all platforms like YouTube, Instagram etc.

There will also be a virtual tip jar in place to donate with proceeds going to the Allman Betts Band touring crew to help during the time off of touring.

Wednesday | Mar 25 @ 7pm Central
Friday | Mar 27 @ 7 pm Central
Sunday | Mar 29 @ 4 pm Central