Depeche-Mode-circa-2012To add to the announcement that would be appearing (alongside 1,000s and 1,000s of other bands of varying abilities and popularity and buzz and…), have confirmed their attendance at the annual mega-fest. The legendary band have only confirmed a non-musical showing thus far, making their first-ever appearance at the -based festival on March 13th, where they’ll participate in a discussion with Director to “discuss the past, present and future of ,” where we’ll undoubtedly get a clearer picture of what fans have in store when they hear Delta Machine.

Mega-acts already included on the docket include Grohl, , , , , , and Vampire already performing and here’s hoping can find a shed or bar or alley or taco truck to play at. We know some kind folks in AT who’d surely open the gates to their backyard.

Before heading to Texas for , will perform at ’s Ed Sullivan Theater on March 11th as part of the webcast series.

Below, check out the band performing their new single “Heaven” in the studio.