One very cool Chicago band, Del Rey, is headed out West for a small tour in August. Anyone out there should check them out while they have the chance.

You might remember I featured some of their music in Jamcast #002. Yes, that podcast might suck a little bit considering it was only my second one. Whatcha gonna do?

Hopefully someone will tape one or two of these shows and get them posted on the Archive. I don’t even know if they allow taping, but I’m not sure if a whole lot of people have directly contacted the band to figure it out. Dates are after the jump…

From Del Rey’s site…

8.05 TBA Denver, CO
8.06 Urban Lounge Salt Lake City,UT
8.07 Elks Lodge Missoula, MT
8.08 Molotov Room Spokane, WA
8.09 Berbati’s Pan Portland, OR
8.10 Serendipity Redding, CA
8.11 Venue TBA Oakland, CA
8.12 Hemlock San Francisco, CA
8.13 2445 G Street San Diego, CA
8.15 Silverlake Lounge Los Angeles, CA
8.16 Modified Arts Phonix. AZ
8.17 Atomic Cantina Albuquerque, NM
8.18 The Conservatory Oklahoma City, OK
8.20 Big V’s St. Paul, MN
9.12 Empty Bottle Chicago, IL

Send reviews our way and we’ll get them posted.