One very cool band, Del Rey, is headed out West for a small tour in August. Anyone out there should check them out while they have the .

You might remember I featured some of their in Jamcast #002. , that might suck a little bit considering it was only my second one. Whatcha gonna do?

Hopefully someone will tape one or two of these shows and get them posted on the Archive. I don’t even know if they allow taping, but I’m not sure if a whole lot of people have directly contacted to it out. Dates are after the jump…

From Del Rey’s site…

8.05 TBA , CO
8.06 Urban Lounge ,UT
8.07 Elks Lodge Missoula, MT
8.08 Molotov Room Spokane, WA
8.09 Berbati’s Pan , OR
8.10 Serendipity Redding, CA
8.11 Venue TBA , CA
8.12 Hemlock , CA
8.13 2445 G Street San Diego, CA
8.15 Silverlake Lounge , CA
8.16 Modified Arts Phonix. AZ
8.17 Atomic Cantina Albuquerque,
8.18 The Conservatory Oklahoma City, OK
8.20 Big V’s St. Paul, MN
9.12 , IL

Send reviews our way and we’ll get them posted.

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