deadmau5 on “Live” Performance of EDM

The post titled, “we all hit play,” is scorching up the internet this morning…

its no secret. when it comes to “live” performance of EDM… that’s about the most it seems you can do anyway. It’s not about performance art, its not about talent either (really its not) In fact, let me do you and the rest of the EDM world button pushers who f***in hate me for telling you how it is, a favor and let you all know how it is.

I saw DJ Shadow a year back and he was hating on guys that “press play” live, and well, went way out of his way to “perform” music that I would almost never have wanted to see him perform (I went to see him DJ specifically). I guess that could be seen as “better” than people that are just pressing play on their MIDI controller, but I certainly wasn’t blown away by that show in the way I had hoped to be.

Compare that to the first time I remember thinking “oh my god that was sick” at a Deadmau5 show, which was during his set at Outside Lands last year…

Deadmau5 [Raise Your Weapon, Sofi Needs a Ladder] @ Outside Lands 2011

Sick right?!

It’s always a balance I shoot for when I see live music and I’m definitely a bigger fan of the EDM guys that you can “tell” are working up there, but past that, I’m a fan of great music and being in a group of people losing their s*** to a drum beat. Let’s not get all serious about this past that. I’m worried our musical heroes are taking this new EDM fad a bit too personally and/or immaturely.