Dead & Company Announce Full Summer 2019 Tour Paid Webcasts

Dead and Company return to the stage tonight! | © Jim Brock Photography 2018

The Grateful Dead offshoot Dead & Company will hit the stage tonight after a few months off and doing other side projects, and they’ve announced that they’ll be partnering up with the crew behind and offering up paid webcasts from each and every show on the summer tour.

Head over to as your landing page to get your Couch Tour plans all queued up.

You’ll be able to order the whole package if you want, the Summer 2019 Unlimited Devotion Pass, and you’ll save $150 off the full tour if you order it together which is a few bucks off per show.

If you’re more of a day-or-two after sorta listener, the band will also be offering up CD Box Sets and individual downloads from each show after the fact as well.

Dead & Company Summer Tour 2019 Limited Edition CD Box Sets and download pre-orders are now available. Summer Tour 2019 packages include all 19 shows for one special price. Download packages are available in MP3, Lossless, or Hi-Res formats and include all 19 shows with a 10% discount. [CD box sets are numbered 1 to 250.]

Tickets for the summer tour are still available in a ton of spots…
2019/05/31 Mountain View, CA
2019/06/01 Mountain View, CA
2019/06/03 Hollywood, CA
2019/06/04 Hollywood, CA
2019/06/07 George, WA
2019/06/08 George, WA
2019/06/12 Noblesville, IN
2019/06/14 Chicago, IL
2019/06/15 Chicago, IL
2019/06/18 Saratoga Springs, NY
2019/06/20 Camden, NJ
2019/06/22 Foxborough, MA
2019/06/23 New York, NY
2019/06/26 Bristow, VA
2019/06/28 Charlotte, NC
2019/06/29 Atlanta, GA
2019/07/02 Dallas, TX
2019/07/05 Boulder, CO
2019/07/06 Boulder, CO