Dead & Company return to the West Coast for their New Year's Eve run © Jim Brock/

Dead & Company have reported their summer tour earnings into the industry watchdogs and Billboard is saying they’re up on top of the list with their recent run. The numbers reported, well, are quite staggeringly good.

According to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore, the group added $29.8 million to its 2019 tour total with new reports for 12 shows. In all, the summer trek grossed $40.9 million and sold 486,917 tickets.

Kudos to the Grateful Dead team on this!

The article also mentions that the Wrigley Field run obviously grossed the most money and sold the most tickets and that the Folsom run came in close second. Check it out here.

The band was recently removed from the Woodstock 50 lineup on their website and Ticketmaster, and we know the Bob Weir and Wolf Bros trio are heading out in August. John Mayer is also in the midst of his summer tour, so everyone is busy. But we ARE hearing that Fall Dates could be coming soon…