Maybe it’s the two Sierra Nevada’s talkin’ but this struck me…

Lots of articles everywhere about Intelligent Design these days — the latest re-working of reality to allow God a place in it. It’s a bit of a waste of time, all this discussion, in my opinion. If people insist on taking the Bible literally, at face value, and reforming the evidence on the ground to fit that, then there is no reasoning with them — they’ve abandoned reason from the beginning.

It’s not a question of reason vs. faith either, in my opinion. I believe one can have a belief, a sense of a higher force, without taking virgin births, Adam and Eve, Noah and a man who make a sea part literally. You can believe in Mystery — in something beyond us that we don’t understand, without necessarily believing that the stories that point and support that belief are also all literally true.
–David’s Journal | 10.6.05

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