recently sat down with and told that was one of the reasons that got back together. Murphy and Bowie chatted about working on the final release, Blackstar, but supposedly Murphy only did some percussion and had a chance to work with Bowie further, potentially collaborating on an album together just the two of them. Wow.

“I spent a good amount of time with , and I was talking about getting the band back together,” Murphy told on 6 Music. “He said ‘does it make you uncomfortable?’ I said ‘yeah’, and he said ‘good, it should, you should be uncomfortable’. [NME]

Check out the full article on NME for the context, it’s definitely an interesting read. Noting that Bowie was often uncomfortable during his career seems like something you’d expect to be obvious, but he’s definitely always been painted as someone who knew his place and projected confidence outward that few had possessed themselves. Now we know he was just faking it really well, and pushing through the uncomfortable place to do better creative work as a result. That’s interesting.

Pretty wild to see that Murphy was able to court such high praise from someone like Bowie, and further proof that Murphy is likely back for the long haul this time.

Here’s a Murphy remix of Bowie’s “Love is Lost”…

– Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by for the DFA – Edit)