Dave Matthews Band Named UN Goodwill Ambassador

The United Nations Environment Programme has designated Dave Matthews Band as a Goodwill Ambassador for their environmental advocacy and large-scale engagement of their fan base to take action for the planet, making this the first time a full band has received this recognition.

The band works with nonprofit partner REVERB on the BamaGreen Project – “an ambitious set of environmental efforts undertaken by the band on the road, in the studio, and at home, as well as the education, mobilization and resulting actions of DMB fans around the globe.’

Entering the 15th year of the DMB/REVERB partnership, the band and the nonprofit have calculated the impact of their efforts and released a comprehensive report detailing the results of their work. Their efforts have led to REVERB becoming UN Environment’s Music and Public Engagement Partner – harnessing the power of music to unite millions of fans around the globe to tackle today’s most pressing environmental issues.

Achievements over the course of 15 years, 20 tours, 578 concerts and 10 million fans:

121,000,000 pounds of C02 eliminated
478,000 single-use plastic bottles eliminated at shows
731,000 fan actions at shows
$2 million raised by fans for environmental causes
477,000 gallons of locally produced biodiesel used in tour fleet vehicles
338,000 gallons of recycling collected
138,000 pounds of food waste composted
2100 family farms supported
24,500 volunteer hours
1,000 non-profit organizations hosted in Eco-Village

Here’s a video showing Dave accepting the honor and speaking about what goals he has for the future.

REVERB, Dave Matthews Band & the United Nations Environmental Programme

The designation of Dave Matthews Band comes on the occasion of World Environment Day, the UN’s annual call for action on environmental protection. Celebrated annually on June 5th, the theme for this year’s commemoration is air pollution, an issue leading to around seven million deaths each year globally.

Through a global campaign, UN Environment is calling on everyone to #BeatAirPollution by making ambitious lifestyle changes; using public transport, car sharing, cycling or walking; reducing consumption of meat and dairy; and saving energy by turning off lights and electronics when not in use, for example.

Each show features the BamaGreen Eco-Village in the main concourse of the concert venue where fans are encouraged to be active participants in these efforts by reducing their environmental footprint, interacting with local and national nonprofits and supporting causes that have been selected by the band. Fans that participate are rewarded with opportunities to win prizes, like an autographed guitar. For the current 2019 summer tour, the focus is on fighting climate change, where fans take climate action to reduce their carbon footprint and raise funds to build rooftop solar projects on low-income housing.