While the fate of is thankfully safe the news that drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander had pulled through his open- surgery okay, there were still a few shows on their calendar that remained posted and scheduled no clear choice as to who would be filling in on drums. So just broke the news to Rolling Stone on who would be filling in: drummer will play with them.

The drummer will be joining the bass-rumbling alt-rockers for their appearances in and , as well as an after party at the Windy City’s Concord Hall on September 13th. Claypool reports that they decided to go through with the shows as a way to give Alexander some financial relief and that Carey was their top choice, since “we figured it would be hard to get [’s] Stewart ‘Stew-daddy’ Copeland out of his ivory tower,” as Claypool joked.

While we love and all of his wonderful talents, it’s great to see that didn’t choose him obviously and went for some other star-studded fill-ins. If you’ve never heard the magnificence that is Carey’s drumming, the song, “Schism”, always blew me away. Stay on until the end.

(TOOL) - Schism (drumcam) Video

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