The most anticipated album of the year is coming to Wee Waa! Daft Punk’s highly anticipated album Random Access Memories will have it’s own ‘Global Album Launch Party’ on May 17th in the small, rural town of Wee Waa, Australia. Plans for the event are still being kept under wraps but what we do know is fans are invited to the town (population 2,100) where RAM will be streamed live (and online) at sunset on a makeshift stage with visual representation for the very first time. The duo will not be performing. Wee Waa’s own Courier newspaper reports that two weeks ago Sony executives secretly flew to the region to inspect the facilities and inquired about the prospect of holding Daft Punk’s worldwide launch there. They must have liked what they saw. A web address has even been reserved at The launch party will be limited to just 4,000 people with tickets on sale this Friday at the town’s Crossing Theatre. Locals are guaranteed admission.

Town of Wee Waa, Australia. Photo from
Town of Wee Waa, Australia. Photo from

Wee Waa’s town council is equally excited about the release:

“We think Wee Waa is so uniquely Australian, so the folks at Sony Music along with Daft Punk thought it fitted the bill perfectly. Daft Punk is known for breaking down barriers and coming up with new creative, innovative ideas to launch their albums.”

Yesterday, the second episode of Random Access Memories ‘The Collaborators’ was posted in which producder Todd Edwards revealed the album’s “West Coast vibe” and listed the sounds of Fleetwood Mac, the Doobie Brothers and the Eagles.

Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators: Todd Edwards

“It’s kind of ironic: two androids are bringing soul back to music.” – Todd Edwards