We saw some grumblings on this earlier this week but it appears the news is now official: Daft Punk has been revealed as the guest on Tuesday, August 6th’s episode of The Colbert Report. There is no official confirmation yet from both the band and the show, but Pitchfork and a few others are reporting the news as gospel. Time to set our DVR’s for this one.

This marks the first official TV appearance that Daft Punk has been booked for in lord-knows-how-long. No word yet on if the robots will be performing or just sitting for an interview, but we will update this post as more news becomes available.

Daft Punk to Appear on “The Colbert Report” [Pitchfork]

UPDATE: The Colbert Report has a quick blurb posted on their site today saying that the robots will “help” Stephen perform the song of the summer, which essentially could mean anything.

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