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The Daft Punk rumor mill is an active hotbed of activity whenever any glimmer of hope is provided that the duo may re-appear from relative obscurity. As it’s been proven over the last half-decade since the French powerhouse went into hibernation, the Internet loves going bats*** over these sorts of stories and obviously we’re predisposed to want these kinds of rumors to be true, regardless of a lack of credible sources. The latest word is that DP will be doing a free show on Wednesday on the steps of The Capitol during South-by-Southwest. With Prince doing a show and Depeche Mode making an appearance, the star power at this year’s event could be the at its highest level in the annual marathon’s history.

daft punkAt the moment, there is no direct, reliable evidence of this occurring besides the logical deductions that can be made from the facts that DP’s marketing campaign subtly begun recently with the cryptic SNL commercial and signage with the new logo has reportedly been getting plastered all over Austin (also noticing this here in Los Angeles). The latter fact could just as easily be a strategic move to make impressions on the massive amount of industry types and music junkies converging on ATX this week. Moreover, SXSW has always been the chosen locale to roll-out a new album, make big announcements and for big ticket bands to play super exclusive shows and therefore a big, unannounced comeback at the event wouldn’t be completely insane (rather, it probably would be). With the new ad campaign very much in motion it’s no longer a matter of if the band will make a big splash announcement and/or appearance soon – the question now is when.

For now, we’ll file this under if-it-sounds-too-good-to-be-true-then-it-probably-is but if we hear anything else on this, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

The poster up above is apparently a fake (cool fan art nonetheless):

The jokes are flying in…

And, for good measure, there’s this: