Daft Punk Hard At Work In The Studio? Naw, They Released a Puzzle Set

Daft Punk shows once again that their merch game is way better than your merch game. Introducing… a puzzle.

It’s hilarious how little this band has done since their breakthrough return to the studio Random Access Memories, and while the album is easily going to live in infamy and hold a special place in a lot of people’s hearts, there’s going to be like 3 super nerds that are stoked to collect everything these guys put out while the rest of us want some new jawns.

The puzzle design is shown below in full detail.

Not stoked enough on just a puzzle? How about a snowglobe?

Naw, not doing it for you either…. HOW ABOUT SOME CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS?! Oh snap okay these are kinda sick.

Where’s the follow up to “Get Lucky”, guys? I could easily see a “Walk of Shame” follow up as the sister track to the “out all night to get lucky…” refrain. Let’s make it happen.

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