Daft Punk is having a mostly quiet year after their huge 2013 release, Random Access Memories, and their focus of late seems to be mostly about releasing merch through their official online store. Which is okay, I guess — the swag is pretty fun — but we haven’t heard much of the electronic duo besides that. And there’s nothing like an off-year for the band to get fans inspired to create something new on their own.

Turns out a fan of the band got together a nicely worded argument and submitted their design ideas to the team at Lego. They offer a Threadless-like “submit and vote” process where fans can submit ideas for new Lego projects and gain traction to potentially get them officially released. And this one has potential!

Lego/EDM fan Autorazr was the one behind the writeup and the mockups; get a look at these!

© Autorazr/Lego.com
© Autorazr/Lego.com


© Autorazr/Lego.com
© Autorazr/Lego.com


Here’s part of the pitch:

Daft Punk, maybe the most well known (and best imo) electronic music group in the world, have had striking appearances in movies and music videos, directed films, collaborated with legends, and been sampled by many other modern greats. They are beyond being just iconic musicians, they are content creators on another level, and their look and visual style is instantly recognizable. Through costumes, elaborate stage lighting / structures, and even vehicles, Daft Punk have created a visual history that lends itself to Lego. All if not most, can be recreated with preexisting Lego parts.

Examples Include :

– “Tron” themed creations.
– ALIVE 2007 stage.
– Classic music videos like “Around The World” and “Robot Rock.”
– “Electroma” inspired sets, like the duo’s Ferrari.
– “Interstella 5555.”

Images of fan’s recreations of these can be found all throughout the internet.

Then we get a pitch for why this is perfectly feasible for a larger audience than Daft Punk fans only…

Daft Punk have appeared in “Tron” and in their own movie “Electroma,” their distinct visual style is clearly appealing to fans of Sci-Fi, which to me speaks to their “playability.” Much of Lego’s success has come from Space and other Sci-Fi/Fantasy lines. Daft Punk should fit right in with such lines. Space Police running security at a Daft Punk show on some alien planet? Daft Punk rescued by the Galaxy Patrol? Daft Punk abducted from earth during their ALIVE tour? Endless possibilities? The style and tone of Daft Punk aligns perfectly with Lego and would create an experience that people of all ages can enjoy.

Here’s what could potentially get implemented:

With this I propose a Daft Punk set, that would introduce the Robots to Lego’s world as minifigures. The set should include instruments (as pictured, maybe turntables, sequencers, mixers, controllers and a guitar for robot rocking), a simple stage with simple lighting and speakers. Having the Robot Helmets and some new printed tiles with instruments would open the door to all the custom options. Fan’s could build their Daft Punk set into larger creations, like one’s own Lego City, or some of the other things I mentioned above. The photos I will continue to post are meant to serve as a representation of the set’s playability, different minifig torsos can and should be subbed in and out to create different Daft Punk appearances, lighting and stages should be expanded, etc.

Can you imagine?!

Finally, let’s make sure those helmets get implemented correctly, okay?

Also important to note is that my robot minifigs are sporting helmets that are as close as what Lego makes to the real deal. I would prefer to have custom printed visors for these guys, Thomas’s helmet should have the all black visor with printing that says something Daft Punky in LED’s, and Guy’s will retain the visor from my images but could maybe have some printing as well. I will make an image soon showing what I mean.

© Autorazr/Lego.com
© Autorazr/Lego.com

We’ll definitely be supporting this one and following the progress as they’re promising more images soon. This dude Autorazr is my new hero.

Daft Punk [Lego Ideas]