Daft Punk Documentary Coming in 2015

If there’s one thing last year proved with the release of the mega-smash Random Access Memories, it’s pretty clear Daft Punk is a band shrouded in the type of mystery that hardly exists at all anymore in today’s music industry. It started with the whole Coachella commercial roll-out and ended with the album being one of the biggest of the year, most of which was unknown as the recording was occurring.

But some time next year we’ll get a glimpse into more of the story of the duo as there is word on the street today that an hour-long documentary will be coming early 2015 which will detail much of the band’s path from humble beginnings to electronic music pioneers.

BBC Worldwide Production France has been tapped by paybox Canal Plus to produce a documentary film about French electro band Daft Punk.

The one-hour docu, announced at non-fiction confab Sunny Side, marks BBC Worldwide’s first commission from Canal Plus and is scheduled to air in 2015.

We’ll be following this one pretty closely.