recently made some heavy headlines the news in Variety that they may be returning to score an upcoming film called Black Glasses. The film director, Dario Argento, was quoted as saying that it was a lock.

“They heard from French friends that I was shooting a new film and called me [to say], ‘We want to work you.’” He adds they will be sending him the first tracks soon and make a visit to Rome when it’s possible to travel, while also noting the duo think his script is one of his “most interesting.”

However, a new post by Screen Daily seems to debunk this a bit. The producers released a few statements basically saying it was his “desire” to work with the illusive electronic duo, so perhaps it could still happen. But as of right , nothing is locked whatsoever.

“This statement reflects Argento’s desire to work with , however there has been no agreement nor discussions between both parties. The movie is currently in pre-production, and Dario’s wish is not on today’s agenda.”

For it seems like tasty clickbait either way, as any potential return of Daft Punk making is something that moves heads big time. We’ll be following the story closely.


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