crowd sing-a-longs and me don’t mix

Now playing: STS9 – Breathe In – 9.3.04 – Vic Theater – Chicago, IL

As I waited for the bus this evening on my way home from work, I was jamming to Umphrey’s McGee’s New Year’s Eve show this past year. The entire year was amazing for Umphrey’s McGee. They really made a good name for themselves. Encore. In the Kitchen. Awesome.

This version was definitely cool to watch. Nice solid Beatles cover and then another jaunt offstage to strategize.

“How do we want to begin our new year?”

As the line approaches, I have a feeling that I know the crowd is going to blow up. I’ve heard this song live a couple times now, so I know that everyone obviously needs to scream whenever they hear the word “Chicago!”. Then the crowd starts singing along with the tune. Something about a crowd sing-a-long is just so cheesy to me. Immediately, I think “Cheeseeeeey!!!!!” Call me crazy or negative or whatever. The reason I bring this up is that every time I’ve ever been at a concert where some sort of singing along is occurring, I tend to be right there with everybody else. Singing like a damn fool. It won’t be the first time, and I hope there is no last time.