Critters Buggin to play one-off reunion show at The Parish in Austin, TX

The Austin heads are in luck on this one: Critters Buggin has announced they’ll be doing a one-off reunion on Wednesday, August 13th at the Parish in Austin, TX. In hardly any fanfare at all, Mike Dillon dropped a little note on his Facebook page exclaiming “It’s true. Critters buggin in Austin at the parish. Ah yeah” with little else to hype it up besides the actual Facebook event.

Humans of planet earth! Critters will be playing a very special one off gig in Austin at The Parish. Skerik, Brad Houser, Mike Dillon and Matt Chamberlain..

Here’s the band doing “Snaggletooth” from back in ’99.

Critters Buggin' "Snaggletooth" Warsaw Summer Jazz Days 99