coventry reflections

as i sit here on a sunday evening, listening to a broken internet radio stream (thank you anyways, the point – wonderfully nice of them to provide the feed for all of us enjoying the last phish show ever in the comfort of our own home), i’m filled with mixed emotions. the show last night, phish’s second to last concert, was weird. first set, well played. second set, well played. both sets were filled with many trey banter sections that shined certain lights on the career of phish. the third set, well, that’s an area of huge discussion on the phantasy phish message boards. trey was clearly intoxicated. so, was he drunk? or, was he on oxycontin (as some on the message boards have speculated)? does it matter? in between the periods of buffering, trey feebled out an order to chris kuroda (lightning engineer, ck5) to put some more lights on the crowd. trey and mike decided to play harry hood on the rock barrier separating the band from the crowd. what are they feeling right now?

i can’t imagine the idea of giving up something that has been part of my life for 21 years. phish changed my life in a way that i didn’t think was possible. i want to thank them for their headiness throughout the years.