Courtney Barnett Releases New Video “Nameless, Faceless”, Announces New Album

© Pooneh Ghana

Courtney Barnett recently teased some new music on her social channels, then some billboards started cropping up and all of us were a bit shook. Could this mean she’s releasing new music?!

The answer we got today is YESSSSSSSS!

Barnett has released a new video and single for “Nameless, Faceless”, the first track off her new album called Tell Me How You Really Feel. Watch it below.

This new album sounds incredible, too.

In Tell Me How You Really Feel, Barnett has revealed an exhilarating and unexpected shift. From its title (A question? An order?) to the unsettling cover image – a blood-red tinted self-portrait in uncomfortably tight close up – Barnett sets a different tone. There’s a new-found directness with this record, a muscularity to the instrumentation, a tenderness in her voice and a boldness to the lyrics. It speaks to Barnett entering a remarkable new phase of her musical evolution. She’s saying more, with less. Whereas once she examined the world through the prism of self-analysis, Tell Me How You Really Feel shifts that focus to those she interacts with – the good ones, the bad ones, the loved ones. Those she knows intimately and those who are strangers.

First single “Nameless, Faceless” is an infectious punk rock anthem. Simmering with indignation and sarcasm, it examines the phenomenon of incessant and anonymous internet trolls. Through song, Barnett is using the medium she knows best to return fire.

What do you guys think of the new direction? Still old Courtney, or a new poppier version?