Phish just announced that they’ll be offering a live webcast up to fans via of the two-night run at Harvey’s in Lake Tahoe. A week from today many people (including myself) are going to have the pleasure of being at the show as it happens, lost in the music and hardly concerned with the technology at our disposal. We’ll be tuned into the music and into our escapism from the day to day life we all live back at home.

Meanwhile, a good couple thousand other people are likely chilling right at home, sipping a nice cold beer from their fridge, and following along with the setlist on Twitter while their favorite band is piping loud through their kick-ass surround sound system that the very work that keeps them off Phish tour allows them to afford. They’ve already figured out the DVI to HDMI hookup to get their mounted flat screen set up for the show because they did Couch Tour NYE ’10 or Couch Tour Alpharetta.

Couch Tour really is a beautiful thing. I like to think this is a big win for the fans at home, in a series of continued big wins like the band’s official Vimeo channel. Can’t wait for this Friday at the Gorge. Read on for the official word from the band regarding the Tahoe webcasts.

Mid-way through the second leg of their 2011 Summer Tour, the band will offer a live webcast via of their sold-out double-header at Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena in Lake Tahoe on August 9th and 10th.

A two-night pass is available for pre-order now for $24.99. You may also purchase individual night webcasts for $14.99 each. In addition, CDs, MP3s and FLACs of each show will be available. For additional details or to pre-order the webcast, click here.

We’ve been posting hi-def video (one song from each night of the tour) at and fans can test their video capabilities by checking these videos out.