anybody out there watch Concert.TV?

The “Live Music ” channel and website seems like it has very slowly been bubbling out of the underground since its initial launch back in 2003. I don’t have Comcast Cable or any of the other cable providers that carry it, so I haven’t seen enough from Concert.TV to give it a solid assessment. But I did find it interesting that they’ve now launched a news division:

Concert.TV, a digital media network committed to live music performances and
documentaries, has expanded its reach with the launch of a news division. Concert.TV News coverage will include major festivals and tours throughout the year, including recaps to appear on television and online, according to a statement. “This is about offering a perspective on what’s happening in and around live music,” says Michael Shimbo, president and co-founder of Concert.TV.

I generally think it’s a good thing to have more News offerings dedicated to live music and touring bands. But I’m not yet sure how I feel about Concert.TV. My first impression is that it has a bit too much of an vibe. Then again, last time I checked, had pretty much scrapped most of its music news programming, so maybe this is somehow filling that void. MTV-vibe aside, there are some decent concert clips on the website that have me thinking that its full concert offerings — which are only available on the cable channels — might be pretty decent.

Are there any Comcast subscribers out there who watch this channel on a regular basis?

What do you folks think?

Concert.TV Launches News Division []