CONCERT RECAP: STS9 Sector 9 Show @ Mardi Gras World 4/27/12

Last night, in continuation of a huge 2012 for STS9, the jam powerhouse threw an old school late night Jazz Fest party in the less-than-friendly confines of the Mardi Gras World River City Ballroom. Despite a restrictive, Big Brother-esque security/cops vibe and logistical difficulties entering the venue (it honestly started feeling like “The Line Ride“), the band overcame, putting on a varied, energetic and freewheeling display of psychedelia that allowed for some heavy group improv on some old favorites. As an added bonus, we had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Murph’s parents last night at the show, just some great, down-to-earth Georgia folks (they too were pumped that the band was taking on the Sector 9 musical costume).

Without computers, it was hard not to marvel at just how refined, unique and powerful this five-piece band really is. Playing in one of their favorite cities on one of the more exciting nights of the entire year, the band emphatically embraced the late night scene and produced a caliber of cohesive musicianship that perhaps wasn’t rivalled anywhere else last night. Despite a huge lineup of impressive late night shows going down last night, this show exceeded high expectations and totally confirmed that we made the right choice. Every STS9 fan deserves to see this kind of show and after 12/27/11 and this night, perhaps a full computer-less tour may be in order.

Continue below for a set list, video of “T.W.E.L.V.E.” and photos from the show.

Set I

Inspire Strikes Back>
Evasive Maneuvers>
Moon Socket
Lo Swaga

Set II

Hidden Hand Hidden Fist
Frequencies Dnb > 2 > 3
What is love?


Wika Chikana