Comments Going to Typekey

This blog was something I pondered over quite a bit while I was on vacation. Specifically, where I want to take this blog was something I mulled over the entire time I was away from it, and I’ve yet to fully reach a final decision on it.

However, one thing became clear and specific that I need to address immediately: comments.

A lot of the posts that I’ve done in the past six months have been very news-based–Lollapalooza lineup rumors, Scott Stapp’s ongoing problems, etc. etc. I’d argue that it’s almost silly to allow everyone to comment on these posts, especially someone that might be finding my site through Google and they’re only looking for the info or lineup or news release.

Allowing everyone to comment on these press releases and news blasts is just a waste of my time spent comment moderating and trying to determine who’s worthy or who didn’t swear that much or who actually added or tried to start a discussion on the news post and who didn’t stupidly self-promote themselves in no value-added way–it’s completely crazy the amount of spam and moderation that needs to be taken care of on a day-to-day basis.

I’m basically trying to avoid this. Jason Kottke did some comment moderation documentation as he went through it, and it easily shows what decisions need to be made, how long he’s spending on it, etc. etc. This is part of my motivation for this decision, the amount of spam increasing is another part of the reason, and the rest of it will make sense soon enough.

As a result, I’ve instituted a Typekey-only sign-in rule on the Live Music Blog. To post an approved comment on the site and have it posted immediately, you must have a Typekey login (register here for free).

I’m sorry to any of the regulars that don’t need another login for anything, let alone my blog, but it really needed to be addressed and I found this to be the most fan-friendly treatment. Feel free to email me if it’s a problem and we can work through it. This is a marriage of some sorts, and it certainly takes two to tango…