Comments are Back, Guest Bloggers Comin’

Comments are fixed (sorta).

Here’s what this means…

I’ve implemented a comment policy on the Live Music Blog, graciously borrowing a lot of the reasoning behind dooce’s comment policy (it’s a good read if you’ve never seen it).

The main takeaway is that I’m not going to leave comments open on everything all the time. It’s just stupid to leave it out there as “open” and ready to be slaughtered by spam bots.

So yeah, check out the policy and feel free to contact me if you think it sucks.

Also, I’m planning on offering up a couple more guest blogs in the coming weeks and hopefully months. I’ve got a couple friends lined up that would be willing to offer up some content, and it’s something that I think could add a lot of value to the site. I’d hope you agree with me, and I’d hope that you’d considering offering up some content yourself if you ever feel the urge. More on that later…

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!