REPORT: Coachella Likely to Postpone to 2021

Bloomberg is reporting that Coachella is working to secure the same headliners they had planned for 2020 with the festival that will be planned for 2021, presumably because this year’s festival, postponed from April to October, will not be able to be staged safely.

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak hitting the live music industry particularly hard, it’s not a huge surprise to see news that a lot of the major festivals we know and love just won’t be able to pull off a major scaled event in 2020. The health risks and science still point pretty soundly to the notion that putting a lot of people in a field together is just not something most insurance companies or production teams would be hoping to pull off safely.

And while we’ve seen Jazz Fest cancel and fully move to 2021, and most major music tours, some of the festivals are still pushing forward with plans (at the moment) to host the event in 2020. Bonnaroo still has September on the books, and at press time, Coachella is still planning on doing something this coming October.

Even though I’d like to remain optimistic here, I do not think it’s likely to see a Coachella happening in 2020. Consider my hunch just a rumor for now but the Bloomberg story gives it some credit as likely to postpone until we officially hear from Goldenvoice and crew.