Coachella: The Cruise to be announced today at 6pm PDT

Update: this was confirmed with the announcement today of S.S. Coachella!

Yesterday the team at Goldenvoice updated the Coachella website and Facebook page with the graphic above…

Carles had some ideas about what it could mean…

Others claim that Coachella will add 15 weekends, and even a weekday weekend on Tues-Thurs sometime in December.

Some say that Coachella will expand to South America to expand into the Chilean hipster markets (better known as CHipsters.)

Others say that Coachella is renaming itself ‘Kewlfest 2k69.’

But it looks like confirmed it for us…

Goldenvoice, promoters of Coachella, are expected to announce later today the launch of a Coachella cruise, informed sources reportedly told the Los Angeles Times. Sources told earlier today that two of the acts on the cruise will be indie quartet the Cloud Nothings and mashup maestro Girl Talk.

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