It’s officially a proper start to the summer festival season with today’s first day of Coachella underway as I type this. The lineup didn’t necessarily blow me away this year, so thankfully for my skin and my pocketbook I won’t be in attendance. But I will get to enjoy some of the action from home thanks to the ever-present corporate webcasting giant, AT&T. Over on their new iteration of the Blueroom is a site called AT&T Music, and they’ll be webcasting all weekend from . Tune in today at 2:50pm PST when the actions kicks off.


All times are Pacific (PST).


2:50pm – The Courteeners
3:20pm – The Aggrolites
4:05pm –
4:55pm –
5:45pm – White Lies
6:35pm –
7:25pm – The
8:15pm – and the Mystic Valley Band
9:00pm –
10:00pm –


2:30pm – Band
3:20pm –
4:05pm –
5:10pm – & Spearhead
6:05pm – Glasvegas
6:55pm –
7:45pm –
8:35pm – Electric Touch
9:35pm –
10:25pm –


3:00pm – James Morrison
4:00pm – Brian Jonestown Massacre
5:00pm –
6:00pm –
7:00pm –
8:00pm –
9:00pm –
10:10pm –

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