Update 1/31/06: The official lineup has been announced. Go here.

2006 has just begun and we’re all starting to get excited to see what the upcoming year has in store for us in terms of music festivals. Last year was a landmark music festival year in my eyes (as this was really the year that I started really following this stuff closely), and I’m psyched to see what 2006 will give us in terms of lineups and new festivals and reunions and everything else…

One of those landmark music festivals is Coachella, and we’ve got an update on the bands that have already confirmed that they’re playing (via Boo-Urns).

Coachella Lineup

Depeche Mode
Giant Drag
The Duke Spirit
Imogen Heap

Just for clarification’s sake, I’m not calling anything news yet as Coachella has not officially released any sort of official lineup…