Club D’elf Takes Manhattan

Do you in ? Do you like kickass shows special guests and great improvisation? And, perhaps most importantly, do you enjoy free shows? If so, listen up, bitches.

-based Club D’elf kicked off its month-long stay in TriBeCa the other night, and has announced it will play at least one 90-minute set in the Tap Bar of the Knitting Factory every Wednesday night for the remainder of August.

Club D’elf, a fluid ensemble centered around world-class bassist Mike Rivard, plays improvised instrumentals that the boundaries between jazz, electronika and about 42 other musical styles. The kick-off show this week featured special guest keyboardist John Medeski — a personal musical hero of mine — who joined Alain Mallet to make history: This marked the first Club D’elf show ever to feature two keyboard players at the same time.

About 50 people showed up for the free show, a number I’d expect to rise as word of their stellar performance spreads. They even came back to the stage after a brief setbreak, just because they enjoyed playing together. This group puts on quite a show, you don’t want to miss out on the Also, rumor has it my current man-crush Marco Benevento will join Club D’elf on keys next week, but I can’t confirm that at this time.

Either way, if you anywhere around Manhattan, make it your beeswax to get down to the Knit next Wednesday. And the Wednesday after that. And the Wednesday after that. ‘Til it ends. These are fantastic musicians at the top of their game…Be there.

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  1. I took your advice Ace and went to the Club D’elf show last night. Your rumor was indeed true, Marco sat in all night. Rivard was definately the center of the show. I liked it, he doesn’t blow you away with any crazy Claypool-Derhak-Wooten style bass solos, but he keeps a nice groove going all night. Marco played some interesting music as well, as always. They mentioned that they would “hopefully” be here all month, implying that there was some uncertainty in that. Also no hints as to who the sit in would be next week. Any more rumors?

  2. No rumors for next week, Paul, sorry…and actually I found out the Marco thing because they put it up on the Knit site before eventually taking it down.

    Last night’s show was pretty good, but the Medeski show was much better. Medeski brought an energy that Marco couldn’t match, which is weird because Marco is always energetic at the Duo shows I’ve seen.

    Anyway, I’m always impressed with Rivard, I think the guy is a great talent. I’ll probably be there next week, too. It’s funny, I used to go see Dark Strar Orchestra every Tuesday night at Martyr’s in Chicago back in the late 90s, and I loved having that “Music every Tuesday” routine. Now it’s music every Wednesday in NYC at the Knit. I like it! I hope they come back next week, and all signs point to yes.

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