Thankful to see that some action is being taken right away in response to that wildly depressing and painfully accurate story recently reported in the New York Times about a fire that destroyed a huge set of master recordings that are beyond priceless.

None of the artists or their estates had been notified either.

So it’s great that we see this today in the LA Times:

A class action lawsuit seeking at least $100 million in damages was filed Friday against Universal Music Group on behalf of artists including rock bands Soundgarden and Hole, the estates of rapper Tupac Shakur and rocker Tom Petty, and country-rock singer-songwriter Steve Earle over a 2008 fire in Los Angeles in which master recordings made by those artists are alleged to have been destroyed.

It’s not just about the damages, it’s more about the fact that afterwards the company got a ton of money in insurance settlements and kept all that from the artists and the estates themselves.

Precisely how many recordings were destroyed and which artists and titles were impacted has never been detailed to the public, but Friday’s lawsuit alleges that “UMG, in fact, claims to have created what it internally called a ‘God List’ that purports to identify with ‘reasonable certainty’ an inventory of all Master Recordings destroyed in the Fire.”

We’ll be following this closely as the story progresses.