had to deal with the unfortunate news today surrounding ‘s firing earlier this week because A Prairie Home Companion was set to deliver their show at The in New York with , , , and .

“People are capable of such beauty. I aim to bring some of it to you on the radio every Saturday. And I’m as thrilled as ever to say, coming to you live from , welcome to ‘,’ ” said mandolinist

The show was introduced as slightly modified in that they didn’t kick off calling it A Prairie Home Companion and Thile addressed the issue to start the show.

“Before we begin the show today I want to take a moment to address something which you’ve probably heard about by now, which is MPR is severing ties with over allegations of inappropriate behavior.”

You can listen to the episode here. He certainly sounds a bit somber in mood to begin the show, but he quickly works to move past it…

The live broadcast from Town Hall in started with host Chris Thile abandoning the traditional theme song, “Tishomingo Blues” (“I hear that old piano …”) with lyrics by Garrison Keillor.

Instead, Thile expressed his heartbreak over news that Keillor, the legendary broadcaster who hand-picked him to take his place last year, had been dropped from Public Radio earlier this week after allegations of inappropriate behavior.

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