Chicago Music Promoters on Alert

mixCD.jpgBack a few months, LMB went to the Chicago Music Commision‘s meeting to discover whether or not this city is a music city. The study found that Chicago is a music city in hiding and that no one is really championing the music scene besides those directly involved. I left the meeting enthusiastic about the grass roots movement that was seemingly underway, but others in the audience and on stage felt otherwise, like we were on a sinking ship.

Well, now I feel the pull of the undertow as this week brings a vote on a proposed promoters ordinance that would require all independent promoters to possess a license to book shows. This would effectively kill a lot of good shows in venues that define this city’s music scene, but all is not lost. You can call your alderman and tell him or her how you feel (vote no) and show up at your local venues in support of the scene.

There has been plenty of spilled ink over this issue, especially by Chicago heavyweights Jim DeRo and Greg Kot. Get some education on the issue and take action. Call your alderman, tell your friends, post on your blog, think of the most powerful friend you have and pressure him or her to do their part, or run screaming down Ashland that you’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore. Whatever you think is appropriate, just do it. If you live in Chicago this will affect you. Do not let this opportunity to be heard pass you by. Reed over at Fighting The Youth posted more on this with some updates, so check it out and do your part.