Chicago Cubs Schedule Grateful Dead Night 2018 @ Wrigley Field

Chicago is obviously a very special place to The Grateful Dead as so many special moments in the band’s history took place in the Midwest city.

And the local fans are a strong and loyal bunch, and it looks like my favorite hometown baseball team is going to capitalize on that action with their very own night celebrating the band!

Chicago Cubs Announce Grateful Dead Night 2018!

The Chicago Cubs just announced the Grateful Dead Night scheduled for Monday, August 27th when the Cubbies face off against the New York Mets.

Fans will get an awesome hat (see image above) and celebrate with a bunch of tie-dyed Cubbies fans. And people that buy tickets know that they’re helping to support the Rex Foundation, the Grateful Dead’s official nonprofit charitable organization.

And double-bonus for fans that get there early, as you’ll have a chance to see Chicago jamband vets Mr. Blotto!.

Ticket holders also are invited to stop by Gallagher Way, the open-air destination located adjacent to the ballpark on Clark Street, to enjoy a pregame concert by Mr. Blotto! From 5-6:45 p.m., early arriving fans can listen to the Chicago jam band as they perform an acoustic set covering all your favorite Grateful Dead songs and more.

Group package, anyone?

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