Right after Phish announces that they’re bringing their Live in Brooklyn DVD to the big screen the day before the release, they announce that Burlington is going to get the premier of the film the day before the rest of the nation gets the premier. Very cool.

Speaking of …75% of has just been added to moe. down 7 an unusual arrangement sneaking its way into the seemingly unannounced elsewhere. will be joined by , , Bob O’Dea and Jared Slomoff for a new project that I know nothing about, and and Ramble Dove will be adding their honky tonky love to the fest that’ll sure to make way too many hope for a reunion (again).

My Bonnaroo 2006 downloads page has been updated a couple more sources from the Archive.

’s got the of the new Relix“HOW YOU FEELING?!?!?!?!?” better be the story title or will never hear the end of it from this lowly blogger.

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