thetalkhouseSomeone turned me onto a great site the other day called TheTalkhouse. It’s a relatively new endeavor from the looks of it but it’s already coming out with some strong content. First they wrote the MGMT album review that I wish I had written myself, all about how they’re making music for themselves and how it’s really working for them overall. And how this new album is more MGMT-ish than ever. Definitely worth a listen and a read, especially if you’re a fan of the band The Blow, because half of that duo wrote the review I was so impressed with.

Turns out that’s the whole motto behind what TheTalkhouse is going for — “Smart, notable musicians from all genres and generations writing about current releases. Join the conversation on Twitter!” is their slogan on Twitter (my emphasis added). That’s how we get to our next post via the great Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth…

Turns out Lee is a Deadhead and fancies himself to be quite knowledgable on the Dead’s repetoire (well, at least more than some would care to admit). He wrote a great recap of the Sunshine Daydream release that recently played in theaters and is now out on DVD.

Lee Ranaldo >< the Grateful Dead's Sunshine Daydream [TheTalkhouse]

To start with the pertinent facts: the new concert documentary Sunshine Daydream (just out on DVD) is the early-’70s Grateful Dead as I love and remember them, in fine form musically, all three string-players singing in good voice, unhurried, digging deep into their music. I do love all the various early modes this band moved through — although I lost the thread, as did, some would argue, the Dead as well, by the mid ’80s — and this is one of my favorite periods.

I love the indie/jamband collision when it happens; great read for indie music nerds or jamband music nerds alike.