Check Out The New Mike Gordon Interview on Tampa Bay Times

Mike Gordon gave a great new interview with the Tampa Bay Times ahead of his band’s Spring 2018 solo tour.

Check it out below…

This is your first show since the New Year’s Run. How’d it go this year?
It was really fun. The Phish thing just kind of works like clockwork, where I can jump into it and go for an incredible ride. Some of the fans said that I was doing some of my best playing, but I didn’t feel that it was any different than normal.

It’s interesting to have two bands, because as similar as they’re going to be in some ways, I’m always surprised by how different they are. With Phish, I was surprised how long each jam goes on the same trajectory. And it’s kind of a cool thing. It sets people’s brains in the mode of, Communication is now going to be this, and not as much talking. And then 10 minutes later, we’re still playing on this scale and this groove. My band, there’s still a bunch of improvising; it’s just a different kind of trajectory. It’s almost a culture shock to go back and forth.

Phish’s Mike Gordon talks New Year’s Run, Allman Brothers Band, Tom Petty covers and more [Tampa Bay Times]