I attended sleepaway camp in Northeastern Pennsylvania every summer from the time I was seven until I turned 22. Sixteen summers in a utopian bubble. Truthfully, there’s nothing else in the world quite like the camp experience, from the second the buses roll away from your parents waving at the curb ’til the sun rises on the final morning of the summer session.

The best part of camp without fail, though, is Color War. We’d split the camp up into two teams and slug it out on the ballfields for five days. If anyone wanted to make the greatest documentary in history, this is the topic. Ultimately, the week-long competition culminated with Sing Night, with the two teams belting out a Fight Song (or march) and a Comic Song, then wrapping up with a heart-felt Alma Mater.

And that’s what makes the following idea really appealing to me. Jambands.com reports:

“Color War is a summer sleepaway camp tradition in which attendees are divided into two sides. For years some have opined that such a condition takes place whenever the Disco Biscuits appear on a bill opening for another band, polarizing the audience into two distinct factions: Biscuits Kids and Others.

Well Camp Bisco IV will feature a deeper division as those folks are invited go head to head (and headies to headies) with their own in a number of competitive and semi-competitive events. Anyone who will be attending the festival and wishes to participate is encouraged to email [email protected]. Camp Bisco IV: The Trance-Formation will take place on August 26 and 27 in Van Etten, NY.”

Tug o’ war, potato races, legendary softball and basketball games, whatever will be…will be. And instead of amateur song-writing and singing, the two sides can dance together to the final “real” performances of the Biscuits.

Let’s get it on, Bisco fans.