So I was planning on taking a little break from posting about the , but this band just keeps on announcing new and festivals!

After briefly announcing on Sunday the date and location for their annual extravaganza, the Biscuits have officially released the ’s initial . Camp Bisco VI will take place August 16th – 18th at the Indian Lookout Country Club in Pattersonville, NY, and will include the following artists:

The (playing all three nights!)
Sound Tribe Sector Nine ( set and PA set)
Hallucinogen In ( set)

The Juan Mclean

(featuring Travis from )

(feat. Travis and Hann from )

Hanging Brains (from )

Once again, the Biscuits have managed to put together an eclectic assortment of artists, bands, and DJs that are all loosely associate electronic dance . The later addition of Hallucinogen in is pretty spectacular, as are most of the other DJs on the bill. And we’re thinking that “Hanging Brains” has got to be some sort of Umphrey’s McGee project, as its the name of the label under which they released their recent album, The Bottom Half.

Check out their full announcement after the jump…

VI from

“The Disco Biscuits are extremely excited to announce Camp Bisco VI on August 16th, 17th, and 18th at the Indian Lookout Country Club in Pattersonville, NY.

This year, the Biscuits will be playing shows on three nights, starting on Thursday the 16th!!! They will be joined by an incredible variety of acts, including Sound Tribe Sector Nine, who will play a live set and a PA set. Also performing is the world renowned trance act, !!! We are proud to welcome to Camp Bisco. We will also be joined by The Juan McLean, , , and , featuring drumming tandem and . As well, will be making his debut performance at Camp while PSYLAB brings their unique brand of -Trance back for the second year in a row!!! Many more acts will be announced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

This year, Camp Bisco will have more visuals than ever before, featuring artwork and installations from , Keeley, and Jamen, who has worked the Trance scene for many years. Other amenities will include ’s and ’s flushing toilets, and separate ’s and ’s showers! The site is an amazing wide-open area that has an incredibly large camp ground and a very slightly sloped concert viewing area! While the front-gate search has been known to be thorough, once inside, you are free to move about the areas without the hassles of repeated searches. Included in the ticket price is three full nights and two full day of , and car camping for all three nights!!!

On the heels of the Camp Bisco announcement, we have our first addition to the line-up.

, along DJ and Youth, will be performing a live set of Hallucinogen in DUB for the first time ever in the USA and only the second time ever world-wide. This show, which will be performed on live bass, keyboards, and other instruments, will surely be one of the highlights of a great weekend! They will be performing music as well as the classics from the In Dub album.”

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