While I’m confident that this is not actually Trey’s fault, I’m fully aware that he probably could have done something to prevent this.

Trey Anastasio’s new release, Shine, is featured prominently at the top of the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s listing of Sony-BMG DRM-protected CDs that are prepackaged with auto-installing CD-cloaking devices that won’t allow the CD to be ripped to mp3 (or a similar format for transfer to portable devices). In layman’s terms, Sony is completely making these CDs lame and nearly unusable on the buyer’s PC with the hope that people won’t find a way to transfer it to their own iPod. [via Boing Boing]

As the title suggests, buyer beware on this one. Might I suggest a friendly little download from Soulseek? I’ll look the other way if you do, too. (thanks Chris)

Update: From Chris again, please don’t buy Sony CDs. They can’t get away with this; the free market will prove them wrong.