The 10,000 Lakes Music Festival is this weekend but we’re not going. I’ve obviously read nothing but good things about this small, upstate Minnesota festival, and I would have decided to go had we not already started dividing up our vacation time elsewhere (i.e. Vegoose, Jam in the ‘Dam 2006). For those of you leaving today, make sure you check the updated information on their website for updated directions, logistics, etc.

Also, Lollapalooza is happening this weekend in Chicago, and I have to say that I’m slightly disappointed that this did not appeal to me as it normally would have. Yes, Widespread Panic, STS9, The Pixies, Primus, etc. will all be playing in downtown Chicago’s Grant Park. But, it’s five stages over two days with over 60 bands. This is just complete chaos and I just have to wonder if I would be able to get to the bands that I would want to see. Well, not to mention that it’s going to be nearly 100 degrees in Chitown this weekend. In that kind of weather, I’d rather be drinking beers and swimming in a cool, refreshing Indiana lake than pissing in a smelly, sticky, disgusting Port-o-Potty all weekend. I know there’s a little more to the decision, but you get my point…

For anyone that is going, we’d love to post some reviews of the sets you saw, either at 10KLF or Lollapalooza. You can drop it into one of the comment fields and I’ll grab it out and post it (with your permission, of course). Be safe and wear sunblock!

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