Bustle in your Hedgerow | Abbey Pub, 8/6/06 | MP3’s

By all accounts, the Bustle in your Hedgerow Lollapalooza ’06 aftershow at the Abbey Pub was an absolute rager.

Following up on the sample in my last podcast, here is the whole show for download. Please enjoy and please only use for personal consumption (no sharing of lossless files)…

Bustle in your Hedgerow
August 6, 2006
Abbey Pub
Chicago, IL

Taper: Matt Hedegard
Location: beside soundboard -> approx. 20 ft. from stage
Devices: AKG 480/CK-61 -> V3 -> JB3
Transfer: JB3 -> Flac Frontend -> CD Wave

$. Mike Freely on Guitar
%. Sarah Zimmerman of Philadelphia school of rock (you tube of her)
& Marco jumped off stage to play a piano (Wurlitzer maybe said other benji)
* Bayliss Vox
All other songs were instrumental, with mostly Marco playing the melody.

I’m pretty sure every song should be tagged correctly but I’m still working out a better, more-streamlined approach to that. Enjoy the show, especially that “Good Times Bad Times” > “How Many More Times” segment — excellent, excellent stuff!