One of the many things I’ve really enjoyed about the past few years of blogging has been the fact that I’ve chatted and emailed with people that I probably never would have before I started the blog. New friends. “Contacts,” if you will…

Randy Ray has been a long time writer for and Relix and he’s been a friend of the Live Music Blog as of recently. When I was sitting at home pondering on what the hell I wanted to do with the rest of my life, a lot of Randy’s advice really went a long way in helping me figure it out.

With that said, I’d like to congratulate my main man Randy as he’s now the new father to two adorable twin boys named Hunter and Gunnar, born one minute apart on Sunday. He’ll have his hands full (literally) over the next couple weeks, so make sure you stop by his blog and send him a note or two wishing him congrats.

randy_gunnar_hunter (Custom).jpg

conor (Custom).jpg

Big brother Conor is smiling knowing that he now has little brothers to beat up on later in life.

Congrats again, Randy!