Happy Monday, dudes. Sorry for so much downtime on the site lately. I’ve been working on finding a new apartment here in San Fran and this city is friggin’ cutthroat. It’s nothing like trying to rent in Chicago. Here, you’ve got competition and people ready to take credit reports in order to sell your identity all while you’re stressed out and vulnerable looking for that perfect apartment to put you sometime in the future until you need to worry about finding an apartment again. It’s always worth it when you find a place you like, but given my experience over the past year it’s worth taking some time and remaining calm until you find something you love. So that was my weekend. I found something I love and it’s a place I could turn into a proper studio in more ways than one, so I’m pumped. But enough about me.

The big news this morning is that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have been booked as the Super Bowl halftime show performers, definitely not a huge surprise but nicely received from my point of view. The Boss is the s***, for lack of something more proper and intellectual to say. There’s no point, really. It’s The Boss. ‘Nuff. said.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will play the halftime slot at the Super Bowl in Tampa, Fla., snagging the spot at the most-watched musical event of the year, according to the organizers.

I never think of this as the most-watched music event of the year, but if so that’s a bit funny to me in more ways than one. First, can’t we actually do way better than what we’ve seen over the past few years? The Boss may be able to one-up anyone that would come before him, but in terms of a headlining star-studded event I’m worried that Springsteen may be a bit past his musical prime in terms of relevance. We’ve got to remember the audience, of course, so I’m guessing that a TV on the Radio appearance, for instance, wouldn’t make much sense in terms of audience reach. Second, if it is going to be the Boss, can we assume that he’s just going to own the halftime show all himself or will the networks try and get him to recruit some younger, star power? I’m not sure that either is really the best question but it’s immediately what popped out in my head.

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