Broken Bells Live on MySpace Music “Transmissions”

Broken Bells get the latest slot on the MySpace Music series Transmissions, a stripped-down live music series that’s well worth spending time on if you dig the band they’re featuring.

Check out MySpace Music’s latest “Transmissions” ( session featuring the highly-acclaimed collaboration Broken Bells, an outfit that features James Mercer (The Shins) and Brian Burton aka Danger Mouse. Since first emerging onto the music scene as a living, breathing entity in the music world last year, Broken Bells has been met with support and encouragement from the MySpace Music community and has received consistent exposure on the site through featured artist promotions and the debut of their latest music video for the single “The High Road.”

Broken Bells’ “Transmissions,” which was recorded and filmed at The Village in Santa Monica, CA, is now live at, and will allow all MySpace users to download free, stripped-back renditions of the songs performed and recorded during the session, including:

1) The Ghost Inside
2) The High Road
3) October
4) Vaporize